Home for the Holidays

Travel home for holidays on a budget this year!

These days, most of us have family all over the country and even the world. There’s nothing like being home for the holidays, but travel can be so expensive! However, if you follow our tips below, you’ll be home for the holidays – with some extra cash in your wallet!

Save on Flights

  • Plan early – the earlier you buy, the better deal you’ll get.
  • Price check – research costs at smaller airports. Even if you have to drive a bit further, it may be worth the savings.
  • Have a friend drive you to the airport or use public transportation instead of dropping cash on airport parking.
  • If your family doesn’t have important morning traditions, you can save big by flying the day of the holiday. The busiest (and most expensive) days are usually the two days before Christmas and the two days after.
  • Bring as little luggage as possible and consider shipping gifts to avoid those sky-high extra luggage fees. Depending on how much luggage and/or gifts you need to bring, it may actually be more affordable to ship the gifts before you leave.
  • If you do bring gifts, don’t wrap them beforehand as the gifts may need to be opened for security reasons.
  • Consider connecting flights instead of nonstop flights. While nonstop may be a bit more expensive, it can be worth it to not risk extra delays, missing the holidays and paying for a hotel room.

Save on Driving

  • If possible, drive late night/early morning. Less people will be on the road which means you aren’t as likely to be stuck in traffic and waste gas.
  • Take time to plan the most efficient route and research any construction work or road closures to save you both gas and time.
  • Lighten the load. Remove any extra items from your vehicle before you leave. The more weight, the more gas you’ll use.
  • Give your vehicle a tune up before you leave. Properly inflated tires will help you save on gas. Plus, no one wants to break down during the holidays, nevertheless have to pay a premium for repair.

Save on Packing

  • Don’t have a set of luggage? It may not be pretty, but you can reuse a variety of items from around your home, especially if you’re driving. Gym bags, backpacks, bags and boxes can all easily hold clothing and gifts.
  • If you’re flying, you obviously want to carry as little as possible. Opt to ship gifts and buy personal care items once you reach your destination.
  • Use the clothing you want to wear as padding for any fragile items you’re taking instead of buying bubble wrap

Bonus Tip: If you’re not traveling very far, check out bus or train options!

What are some ways you save on going home for the holidays?