Couponing Glossary

Posted November 7, 2012 at 10:19 am February 26, 2013 8:03 pm


If you’ve ever looked for a coupon online, odds are you’ve come across some words or abbreviations that were unfamiliar. Not to worry – your savings-obsessed friends at CouponCabin have put together a comprehensive glossary of popular terms used in the couponing world. In addition to improving your vocabulary, you may come across a new way to save. Take out your pens and paper and prepare to be schooled in savings!

$1/1, $1/2 – Take one dollar off one product; take one dollar off when you buy two products, etc.


Blinkie Coupon, Blinkies - A manufacturer coupon from an in-store SmartSource coupon dispenser with a blinking red light, usually hanging from a shelf in a grocery aisle. These coupons are different from what you can find in the SmartSource insert.


B1G1, BOGO – Buy one, get one free (when you buy one item, you’ll get one of the same item for free).


Black Friday - The day after Thanksgiving when retailers offer some of the deepest discounts of the year in stores and online.


Bottle Tag - A coupon found on the neck of a bottle that is valid for that product or another product from that brand.


BR - Balance Rewards (Walgreens Rewards program). When you purchase specific products and use your Balance Rewards card, you accrue points on your card. Once a certain threshold has been reached you can redeem your points in the form of Walgreens cash.


CAT, Catalina - A coupon that prints out with your receipt at the cash register and can be used on future purchases.


Competitor’s Coupon - Some stores will honor coupons for a competing store. Check each store’s coupon policy to see if competitor’s coupons are accepted.


Cyber Monday - The Monday after Thanksgiving when many online stores offer some of the deepest discounts of the year.


Daily Deal - A special deal that is offered for one day only. Typically associated with Groupon and Living Social.


DND - Do not double. This is listed on a manufacturer coupon to tell the store not to double that coupon, even if the store’s policy allows it.


Double Coupon - To double the discount value of a coupon. Check your store’s coupon policy to determine if coupon doubling is accepted.


EB, ECB – ExtraBucks or ExtraCare Bucks (CVS rewards program). These are store credits that can be used like cash at CVS stores. They are printed with your receipt when you use your CVS ExtraCare Rewards card and can be used on future purchases.


Exp. – Grocery coupons often use this abbreviation that means “expires” or “expiration date.”


EXT – Excludes trial size. This coupon is not valid on a trial size of the item.


FAR - Free after rebate. This item ends up being free after you mail in or submit an online rebate.


Filler – Additional low-value products that need to be added to a transaction due to the number of coupons being utilized. Some stores do not allow you to use more coupons than you have products.


Freebie, Free Sample - A completely free item given by a manufacturer to the customer.


Free Shipping - A code or promotion that waives your shipping fee, making shipping and handling free.


FSI – Free standing insert. These are the printed inserts in your newspaper that contain coupons and ads, most often seen on Sundays.


Giveaway - A completely free item given away to one qualified person who entered the promotion.


GM - Refers to a coupon or insert by General Mills, a manufacturer of many popular brands.


Layaway - To put an item on hold and make small weekly payments toward the total cost.


MFR, MQ, Manufacturer Coupon - A coupon issued by the company that makes the product.


Matchup - Matching sales ads with store or manufacturer coupons to maximize the total discount one can apply to an item.


MIR - Mail-in rebate.


NF or Newsflash - The breaking deals section of CouponCabin.


Online Coupon - A coupon or promotion code used for online purchases only, usually entered into a promotion box at the checkout page.


OYNO – On your next order; a promotion for savings that can be applied on the next purchase you make at that store.


Overage - Money paid to the customer by the store when a coupon goes over the cost of the product being purchased. Generally, overage is applied to the balance of the order. Few retailers grant overage.


P&G - Refers to a coupon or insert by Proctor & Gamble, a manufacturer of many popular brands.


Peelies - A coupon you peel off a product’s packaging to use on that order.


POP – Proof of purchase. This is typically required to qualify for a rebate.


Print Limit - The amount of times a manufacturer will allow a coupon to be printed by an individual or by the general public. Printable coupons may become unavailable once the print limit is reached.


Price Matching - Walmart and Target will match a competitor’s price for a like item if you show a copy of the competitor’s sales ad or website advertising a lower price.


Printable Coupon - A coupon printed from the Internet. Not all stores accept coupons printed from the Internet, check with the store’s coupon policy.


Promo Code - Another name for an online coupon code.


Rain Check - A ticket that entitles a customer to receive a sale or discounted price on an out-of-stock item when it comes back in stock.


Rebate - A partial refund that manufacturers give to customers for purchasing qualifying items. Some rebates are instant, while others are mail-in. Rebates often require you to send in proof of purchase and a receipt to qualify.


Responsible Couponing - To use legitimate” target=”_blank”>coupons that were not obtained by fraudulent means; to observe and follow a store’s coupon policy; to not practice shelf clearing or stockpile beyond what is absolutely necessary; to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the offer details.


Rewards Card - A card or account number used by merchants to track customer purchases toward a reward.


RP - RedPlum. Many Sunday newspapers distribute RedPlum manufacturer coupons.


RR - Register Rewards. These are instant rebates that can be used just like cash at Walgreens. They are printed with your receipt when you use your Walgreens Balance Rewards card and can be used on future purchases.


Roundup - A daily recap of all the best coupons and deals on The Coupon Newsflash.


Savings Card - A loyalty card or account created by specific stores to offer customers exclusive money-saving promotions on specific products at those stores.


Shelf Clearing - To buy all of a particular product that a store has in stock because of a good deal. This practice is frowned upon unless you have a great need for them.


SS – SmartSource. Many Sunday newspapers distribute SmartSource manufacturer coupons.


Stack Coupons - To use more than one coupon or coupon code for the same product or transaction and earn more savings.


Stackable Coupons - Coupons that can be used together, such as using a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item.


Stockpile Pantry - An area to store items collected by using coupons and sales.


Stock Up - To buy multiple discounted items at once and save them for later use.


Store Coupon - A coupon issed by a particular store to be used only at that store. It can usually be stacked (used) with a manufacturer coupon and sales for maximum savings.


Tear Pad/Sheet - A stack of coupons found on a tear pad in store.


Triple Coupons – Some stores may triple the discount value of coupons up to a certain value.


UPS - +UP Rewards (Rite-Aid rewards program). These are store credits that can be used just like cash at Rite-Aid stores. They are loaded to your Wellness+ card at time of purchase and can be used on future transactions.


WYB - When you buy. For example, a coupon may say “Save $1.00 WYB two bags of lettuce.”


YMMV - Your mileage may vary. The prices and savings for a given matchup may vary in different markets so take note of your local store’s policies.