How to Maximize Your Savings at Rite Aid

Posted December 7, 2012 at 9:55 pm January 21, 2014 4:12 pm


The first step to saving at Rite Aid is to get familiar with the store’s coupon policy. It’s helpful to keep a copy of it with you to avoid issues at the cash register. In addition to using coupons, you can utilize many other strategies to save money at Rite Aid.

Wellness+ Rewards Program
Sign up for the Rite Aid Wellness+ card and you should receive a coupon for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase. After you sign up, you will earn one point for every dollar you spend and 25 points for each prescription. Note: Points earned are calculated prior to coupons.

Make sure to register your card at so you can access your account online, watch Video Value clips, chat live with a pharmacist, review your membership tier and more. There are several membership tiers in the Wellness+ Rewards program:

  • Plus: When you sign up for the Wellness+ program, you are automatically a Plus member until you earn 250 points.
  • Bronze: When you earn 250 points, you will become a Bronze member and will receive 10% off all Rite Aid brand products, as well as a 10% off shopping pass.
  • Silver: When you earn 500 points, you will receive 10% off the entire store for one year.
  • Gold: When you earn 1,000 points, you will receive 20% off the entire store for one year.

When you earn 500 points in your Wellness+ account, you will also receive a reward. Currently, you can choose from a gym membership, magazine subscription or health screening. You can preview any of these rewards when you’re signed into your Wellness+ account online.

In addition to earning points, you’ll also have access to other benefits with your Wellness+ card.

Wellness+ Diabetes Savings
When you are a Wellness+ member, you can sign up for special diabetic savings. You can earn up to a $10 +UP Reward for every $50 you spend on specific diabetes products. You’ll also get monthly emails with additional savings on diabetes-related products.

Allergy Rewards
You can earn Allergy Rewards for your purchases of Benadryl and Zyrtec over the counter products. For every $75.00 you spend on these products (separately or combined), you will receive a $20.00 Rite Aid gift certificate. Online purchases of these products do not apply. Limit of three $20.00 Rite Aid gift certificates per household.

As a Wellness+ member you have access to a pharmacist at all times. Call 1-800-RiteAid or live chat online via your Wellness+ account.

+UP Rewards Program
+UP Rewards are used just like cash at Rite Aid stores only. In the weekly Rite Aid circular, you can see all the products that will earn you +UP Rewards. A few other important notes:

  • +UP Rewards expire two weeks from the issue date.
  • Unlike other rewards programs, you won’t have access to new +UP Rewards you’ve earned until the next day after 6am.
  • You can manage your +UP Rewards online or on your mobile phone through your Wellness+ account.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t redeem +UP Rewards online at this time.
  • +UP Rewards cannot be used toward prescriptions, prescription co-pays, cigarettes, alcohol, gift cards, lottery tickets, licenses, money orders, money transfers, prepaid cards, stamps or other mail services.
  • You can use manufacturer coupons with your +UP Rewards.

When you sign up for the Wellness+ Program, your +UP Rewards will be automatically loaded on your Wellness+ card with the Load2Card feature. This is important to note because when you go to Rite Aid within the two week time period that your +UP Rewards are valid, you will not be given an option to save your +UP Rewards.

For example, let’s say you went to Rite Aid and bought two products and earned $3.00 in +UP Rewards on each product (total of $6.00). The next day, when you go back to purchase a $4.00 bottle of nail polish, the register will automatically use one of your +UP Rewards towards and you will pay the difference out of pocket. If you purchase two bottles of nail polish, the register will use both of your +UP Rewards – you aren’t given the option of saving your +UP Rewards for a future purchase.

If you would rather have control over your +UP Rewards, you can opt out of the Load2Card feature. To minimize out of pocket expenses, it’s best to use a +UP Reward to buy another product that offers a +UP Reward.

After you log in to the Load2Card section of your online account, you will see three different tabs: “Digital Coupons,” “My Coupons” and “Rite Aid Coupons.”

On the “Digital Coupons” tab, you’ll see the available Rite Aid store coupons. When you click on any of these coupons, they will be moved over to the “My Coupons” tab. On the “My Coupons” tab, you can print, download or email the coupon list. The “Rite Aid Coupons” tab is where you can keep track of your +UP Rewards. Notes: You can use a Rite Aid store coupon on top of a manufacturer coupon for maximum savings. Also if you’re an online shopper, be sure to look for Rite Aid coupon codes.

Facebook & Twitter
If you “like” Rite Aid on Facebook or follow @riteaid on Twitter, you’ll get access to special discounts. Every week on Facebook, you can print out exclusive coupons. Note: You must print these coupons on a sheet of 8.5″x11″ paper. 

Prescription Savings Program
The Prescription Savings Program is free to join at any Rite Aid pharmacy counter. This is a great program if you don’t have health insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover all of your prescriptions. Prescription Savings Program members receive 15% off brand name and generic prescriptions, along with discounts on TRUEtest diabetic test strips.

Rain Checks
If an advertised product is out of stock, you can request a rain check from the cashier. The rain check is valid for 30 days. If you are able to go back to your Rite Aid while the sale is still running, you will get the advertised sales price for your product and receive your +UP Rewards. When you have to request a rain check for a product that offers a rebate but that isn’t currently available, you may still get a rebate as long as you use it within 30 days.

If you request a rain check for a product that offers an +UP Reward, there is a specific way the cashier needs to issue your rain check. For example, let’s say you are buying a package of diapers for $10.00, and with that purchase you will receive a $5.00 +UP Reward. The rain check needs to show the sale amount for the product and then the cashier must write in the +UP Reward amount. It should look like this on your rebate:

  • Sale price: $15.00
  • +UP Reward: $5.00

When you redeem your rain check, you will pay $10.00. Instead of getting the physical +UP Reward to use on a future purchase, the +UP Reward amount will be subtracted from the sale amount. It must be done this way since there is no way to manually issue +UP Rewards when you are purchasing an item that isn’t currently on sale.

Rite Aid for Smoking Cessation Program
Rite Aid offers a free personalized online support plan to help you quit smoking. You can enroll at or by calling 1-800-RiteAid to speak with a specially trained pharmacist. After speaking to a pharmacist, you will receive a handbook in the mail with coupons to use on smoking cessation products. Currently, there are three offers available to smokers through the Wellness+ program:

  • $15 +UP Reward with purchase of participating Rite Quit RAB and Nicorette products; limit three per offer.
  • $15+UP Reward with 2nd purchase of participating Rite Quit Nicorette and Nicoderm CQ products (excluding 20ct gum).
  • $15+UP Reward with 3rd, 4th and 5th purchase of participating Rite Quit RAB and Nicorette products.


Video Values
Video Values are short video clips that you can watch to get access to a coupon for the product featured in the clip. These are separated into different categories, which makes it easier for you to decide which videos to watch. Videos are from 10 seconds up to a couple of minutes long. After you watch each video, you will get a code to enter to get the coupon. Note: You can watch the videos as many times as you’d like; however, you can only print out one coupon for each video you watch.

Other Ways to Save at Rite Aid:

  • Senior Citizen Savings: If you are a senior citizen, make sure to check out the in-store and circular savings.
  • Giving Care for Parents: If you are giving care to a parent, you can receive special offers and coupons.

Congratulations – now you’re a Rite Aid expert shopper and saver!